Laser Shaft Alignment

Optimum Facility Production

Having optimum facility production and reliability starts with proper equipment installation and setup, as well as performing regular maintenance for proper laser shaft alignment. Using the Rotalign Ultra, we perform precision laser shaft alignments and provide reports for your documentation that indicate initial misalignment and the actions taken to correct it.  From start-ups and annual alignment verifications on multi-thousand horsepower compression equipment in the gas and oil fields to critical equipment such as fire pumps and chilled water pumps in buildings downtown, RMSC will enhance equipment operation, reducing downtime and costly repairs.

Rotalign Ultra

Benefits of Precision Laser Shaft Alignment

  • Lower levels of vibration mean less mechanical wear
  • Less strain on the bearings improve service life
  • Decreases coupling wear
  • Reduced wear of the mechanical seals prolongs service life
  • Eliminates reaction forces therefore reducing energy consumption
  • Longer reliable machine service life

Laser Shaft Alignment assisted by Live Trend

Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. also offers the Live Trend feature, making it possible to accurately adjust the movable machine to the position that it will run at with all operating conditions and forces affecting it.  The equipment is monitored over a period of time, collecting data related to the positional change.   Some examples of these forces considered when making the corrections are vertical thermal growth, torsional deflection of the complete package, and any horizontal movement caused by piping connected to the equipment that may be subject to thermal expansion or contraction.


Laser shaft alignment on a 2500HP electric motor and screw compressor. After the cold alignment is completed the transmitter and receiver are repositioned on both pieces of equipment so that the thermal growth and torsional deflection can be documented. Those values can be utilized for the hot alignment.

Laser shaft alignment on a pump and electric motor skid.

Laser shaft alignment on a pump and electric motor skid.

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