Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. offers a full line of state-of-the-art equipment to perform services including vibration analysis, laser shaft alignment with Live Trend capability, laser belt alignment, laser roll alignment, ultrasonic testing, infrared thermography, on-site electric motor evaluation with online and offline testing capabilities, and dynamic balancing both on-site and in the shop on our high-speed balancing stand.

Laser Shaft Alignment


Having optimum facility production and reliability starts with proper equipment installation and setup, as well as performing regular maintenance. Using the Rotalign Ultra iS, we perform precision laser shaft alignments and provide reports for your documentation that indicate initial misalignment and the actions taken to correct it. From start-ups and annual alignment verifications on multi-thousand horsepower compression equipment in the gas and oil fields to critical equipment such as fire pumps and chilled water pumps in buildings downtown, RMSC will enhance equipment operation, reducing downtime and costly repairs.

Electric Motor to Screw Compressor Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser shaft alignment on a 2500HP electric motor and screw compressor. After the cold alignment is completed the transmitter and receiver are repositioned on both pieces of equipment so that the thermal growth and torsional deflection can be documented. Those values can be utilized for the hot alignment.

laser shaft alignment
Rotating Equipment

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Electric motor to right-angle gear reducer laser shaft alignment. This extends the life of all rotating components as well as reduces overall vibration of the equipment.

Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

Vibration Analysis

The Pruftechnik VibXpert data collector with OmnitrendSoftware is also utilized to perform vibration analysis on a multitude of equipment. Our technicians can analyze collected data and provide reports that identify problems in the very early stages of failure. Trending this data over periods of time is also a powerful tool, allowing our customers to schedule repairs, thereby avoiding downtime and costly emergency repairs.

vibexpert II

Electric Motor Evaluation

Online testing (performed while the motor is in operation) and offline testing (performed on de-energized motors) can provide critical information on the overall health and condition of an electric motor, including insulation testing (resistance to ground and capacitance to ground), motor circuit analysis, and power quality.

Based on the results of these tests, recommendations can be made as to what corrective actions need to be made.


Condition Monitoring

As part of an overall Asset Management Strategy, Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. It is a major component of predictive maintenance and allows maintenance to be scheduled or other actions to be taken to avoid the consequences of a failure before the failure occurs.

Condition Monitoring is used to indicate a deviation from a reference value (e.g. temperature or vibration behavior) to identify an impending failure.

Condition Monitoring is more cost-effective than a run-to-failure maintenance policy as it reduces/minimizes direct maintenance costs:

It reduces/eliminates indirect costs from lost production due to unscheduled downtime from an in-service failure.

A major component of predictive maintenance, is a process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery.



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