Laser Shaft Alignment


Having optimum facility production and reliability starts with proper equipment installation and setup, as well as performing regular maintenance. Using the Rotalign Ultra iS, we perform precision laser shaft alignments and provide reports for your documentation that indicate initial misalignment and the actions taken to correct it. From start-ups and annual alignment verifications on multi-thousand horsepower compression equipment in the gas and oil fields to critical equipment such as fire pumps and chilled water pumps in buildings downtown, RMSC will enhance equipment operation, reducing downtime and costly repairs.

Optimum Facility Production

Maximizing facility production and ensuring reliability hinge on the correct installation and setup of equipment, complemented by regular maintenance, including accurate laser shaft alignment. Utilizing the Rotalign Ultra, RMSC conducts meticulous laser shaft alignments, providing detailed reports for your records that highlight the initial misalignment and corrective measures undertaken. RMSC’s expertise ranges from initiating and annually verifying alignments on high-powered compression equipment in oil and gas fields to maintaining essential equipment like fire pumps and chilled water pumps in urban buildings.

This comprehensive approach bolsters equipment functionality, minimizing downtime and expensive repairs.

Laser Shaft Alignment with Live Trend

Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. provides an advanced Live Trend feature, enabling precise adjustments to movable machinery under actual operating conditions and forces. This innovative approach involves monitoring the equipment over a set duration, gathering crucial data on positional variations. Key factors accounted for during adjustments include vertical thermal growth, the entire package’s torsional deflection, and any horizontal shifts resulting from thermally expanding or contracting piping connected to the machinery. This comprehensive analysis ensures optimal alignment and performance under real-world conditions.


RMSC’s Approach to Laser Shaft Alignment

RMSC’s approach to laser shaft alignment is rooted in their extensive experience and commitment to excellence. Their process includes:

Thorough Assessment: Before alignment, a complete evaluation of the machinery is conducted to identify any underlying issues.
Advanced Technology Usage: Utilizing the latest laser alignment tools for maximum precision.
Customized Solutions: Each alignment task is tailored to the specific needs and specifications of the equipment.

Motor to Pump Laser Shaft Alignment

This is new equipment getting pre-alignment prior to being shipped out and place in service in the field. RMSC’s start-up/commissioning process will require another laser shaft alignment to be performed. Once the equipment is placed on-site. Baseline Vibrations Analysis data will be collected at that time.

laser shaft alignment

Electric Motor to Screw Compressor Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser shaft alignment on a 2500HP electric motor and screw compressor. After the cold alignment is completed the transmitter and receiver are repositioned on both pieces of equipment so that the thermal growth and torsional deflection can be documented. Those values can be utilized for the hot alignment.

misaligned shafts
laser shaft alignment
Rotating Equipment

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Electric motor to right-angle gear reducer laser shaft alignment. This extends the life of all rotating components as well as reduces overall vibration of the equipment.


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