Electric Motor Repair

EASA MemberWith our machine shop capabilities, electrical diagnostic equipment, and advanced EASA shop technicians, RMSC can effectively perform your electric motor repair of all sizes with the utmost expertise. Our commitment, years of experience and expertise we are here 24/7 for on-site and in-shop mechanical services.

Electric Motor Repair for Root Cause Failure Analysis

We also perform independent root cause failure analysis studies on problematic equipment, both mechanically and electrically, and provide corrective action recommendations to eliminate the problem(s) discovered.

Electric Motor Evaluation

Online testing (performed while the motor is in operation) and offline testing (performed on deenergized motors) can provide critical information to the overall health and condition of an electric motor, including insulation testing (resistance to ground and capacitance to ground), motor circuit analysis, and power quality.

Based on the results of these tests, recommendations can be made as to what corrective actions need to be made.

rmsc vibration analysis

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