Rotating Mechanical Solutions – Serving the Denver metro & surrounding areas.

Our mission is to leverage our knowledge, experience, and the best in class technology to our customers to prevent downtime, costly repairs and/or expensive equipment replacement.



Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. technicians come from a broad field of industrial repair experience, those fields include;

  • West Coast shipyards, lifting, rigging, and setting up large critical equipment. The fabrication of parts and repair of hydraulic, electric, and diesel equipment used on US Navy ships and the equipment used to support those repairs.
  • Open pit mining operations, troubleshooting and repairing any systems found in crushing, screening, drilling, and material moving systems and equipment. Start up service for portable plants that include laser shaft alignment, and balancing of blowers.
  • Application engineering specialist for above NEMA size electric motors with many years of field service experience troubleshooting and repairing electric motors and controls.
  • Toolmaker/machinist experienced in manufacturing repair parts for fans, pumps, gearboxes, and many other types of rotating equipment.

rotating mechanical solutions corp denver colorado

Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. is a service company based in Littleton, Colorado.  We cover a large area that includes Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, California, Texas, Montana, Idaho, and Nebraska.  The majority of the equipment that we service and repair is large and all work is generally performed on site, however we do service any size and type of rotating equipment, if it rotates we can make it operate smoother and quieter, which will reduce downtime and the costs associated with machine failures.

rotating mechanical solutions corp denver colorado

Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. technicians draw from many years of experience repairing and retrofitting industrial equipment in numerous industries.  Currently we service the mining and aggregate industries, ammonia refrigeration / cold storage facilities, HVAC contractors, industrial air moving equipment in water treatment facilities, bag house blowers, grain elevator blowers, and compressors (screw and reciprocating) in the oil and natural gas industry.

rotating mechanical solutions corp denver colorado

We frequently work with other mechanical or electrical contractors, as well as building maintenance engineers to diagnose problems with equipment and recommend a cost effective and reliable solution to the problem.  In some cases we are contracted to make the repairs, other times we come in and finish up the project with a laser shaft alignment or to dynamically balance the rotating assembly.