RCP Series Compressors – Exceptional Strength

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Cast iron valve plates
Deep finned
cylinder head
Stainless steel
reed valves
Solid cast
iron cylinder
Industrial grade
balanced pistons
Oversized ball
Oil level
sight gauge
Easy access oil
drain port
Splash lubrication
Industrial grade
connecting rods
Heavy duty
insert bearing
Balanced cast
iron crankshaft

RCP Series Compressors - Exceptional Strength

RCP Series Compressors

Exceptional Strength With durability, performance, solid cast iron cylinder, crankshaft and valve plates the RCP provides the strength that is required for everyday use. Aluminum head and coolers with deep fins allow for unmatched heat dissipation. Balanced pistons and crankshaft mean smoother and quieter operation. Oversized main bearings and automotive style replaceable insert bearings for a durable compressor pump. All units are 100% tested at full pressure.



Standard Features:
• Start/stop pressure switch control
• ASME safety valves on tank and pump
• Fully enclosed belt guard
• Tank drain and discharge valve



RCP-10123D• Alternator
• Magnetic motor starter
• Start/stop dual pressure switch control
• 1" tank discharge valve
• Fully enclosed belt guard
• ASME safety valves on tank and pump
• Chicago Pneumatic duplex package showing the multiple pumps and motors which ensure back-up operation


RCP-908HStandard Features:
• Engine slowdown (pilot valve)
• Engine oil protection
• Fully enclosed belt guard tank drains and discharge valve
• ASME safety valves on tank and pump


RCPC1130GStandard Features:
• 12 Volt electric start and recoil start
• 12 Volt alternator (Honda and Kohler Models)
• Start key / panel
• Oil monitor
• Engine slowdown (pilot valve)
• Fully enclosed belt guard
• EZ pull tank drain
• ASME tank and safety valves
• 3/4" tank discharge valve


RCP-2030Standard Features:
• Start/stop pressure switch control
• Fully enclosed belt guard
• Tank drains and safety valves on each tank


RCP-7581HSStandard Features:
• Start/stop pressure switch control
• ASME tank and safety valves
• Fully enclosed belt guard
• Magnetic starter
• Manual tank drain
• Discharge valve

Premium models include all standard features plus:
• Low oil level switch
• Auto tank drain
• Triple-pass pump mounted aftercooler (5 and 7.5 HP)


RCP-7581VQPStandard Features:
• Low sound enclosure
• Low oil level protection
• Automatic tank drain
• Magnetic starter
• Cast iron cylinder
• 80 gallon vertical ASME/CRN tank
• 100% factory tested at full pressure
• High temperature shut down

CP Compressor Guarantee

The CP Compressor GuaranteeChicago Pneumatic (CP) is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable equipment that has stood the test of time as one of the most rugged compressors in the market. Our compressors are 100% factory

  • All rotary screw - 1 Year with option to extend to 5 Years*
  • Two-stage reciprocating - 2 Years
  • Single-stage reciprocating - 1 Year

*Screw compressors are supported by our CP Secure 1-Year Warranty with the option to extend to a full 5-year warranty (authorized start-up required and regular maintenance with factory authorized fluids and parts).

CP compressors are supported by a network of trained service technicians who can provide complete warranty support, spare parts and technical consultation. For more information on our products, please contact your CP territory sales manager or a local authorized