Air Compressor Sales & Service

Air Compressor Sales

RMSC provides competitive pricing for Chicago Pneumatic air compressors.

Call today to talk about your air compressor requirements so we can best support your needs.

Air Compressor Service

At RMSC, we understand the immediate need to fix the problem the fast way possible to eliminate the down-time you experience when you equipment breaks down. This is why RMSC is a 24/7 full-service facility to get your equipment back up and running. Our experienced team can help you today.

QRS – Rotary Screw Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic Air CompressorsEngineered for high performance, efficiency and reliability, the Chicago Pneumatic line of QRS (Quiet Rotary Screw) air compressors can answer the compressed air requirements of a tire shop, maintenance shop, vehicle body, paint shop or automotive dealership.

Quiet by design, the QRS can be installed almost anywhere. The QRS is the leading rotary screw compressor for light industrial applications.

RCP Series Compressors - Exceptional Strength

RCP Series Compressors

With durability, performance, solid cast iron cylinder, crankshaft and valve plates the RCP provides the strength that is needed for everyday use. Aluminum head and coolers with deep fins allow for unmatched heat dissipation. Balanced pistons and crankshaft mean smoother and quieter operation. Over-sized main bearings and automotive style replaceable insert bearings for a durable compressor pump.

In addition to our qualified shop and service facility, RMSC also offers 24/7 field service - we will come to you, equipped with all the tools essential to do the work.

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Reach out to our on-call service representative at 303-594-7610 if you are undergoing any problems.